Call for posters

The call for posters is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has submitted an abstract and thus taken the opportunity to showcase the latest knowledge and potential solutions to support the future of healthcare leadership and management. FAQs and information on submitting a video poster are available for download below.

Notifying you of your result

All notifications will be sent out mid-July 2017. Please note the email address that you supply in the submitter details page will be the email address used to correspond the results of your submission. If you change email addresses during this time, please let us know so we can update the system.

Our poster displays

The poster displays will show a wide range of healthcare leadership, management and quality improvement projects and are available onsite for all attendees to view and learn from. The displays are a valuable opportunity to tell colleagues and experts about your projects and to help others learn from your strategies and experience.

  • Showcase your achievements to key international opinion leaders

  • Communicate your organisation's work

  • Build your profile by having your work displayed

  • Share successes with your colleagues and influence outcomes on a global scale

Video Posters

In addition to displaying a poster, authors are invited to produce a short video explaining their ideas and work in in healthcare leadership and management.

This opportunity is available only if you have an accepted abstract and have registered to attend and display your poster during the conference.

What is a video poster?
The video posters are short videos where the presenter discusses the nature and impact of their research/project which is illustrated on the printed poster they are displaying at the conference. This is a great opportunity to explain your ideas and improvement work in a more engaging way to a wider audience.

These video posters will feature on the Leaders in Healthcare YouTube channel, and will be pushed out through our social media channels. Our aim is to enable you to present your project to a wider global audience in a personal, engaging way. It is envisaged that video posters will enhance viewers'understanding and appreciation of a poster through the accessible presentation of the main results and conclusions reported, and increase the reach of the project.

Read more about how to create a video poster in the Video poster guidelines attachment below.

Poster categories

The posters will be displayed by topic. We have five poster topics:

  • Transforming culture - explore both the challenge organisational culture presents to delivering excellence across healthcare and the best practice approaches to address this.

  • Enhancing leadership skills - how we can ensure we are enhancing all the skills and talents of our leaders and workforce in the relentless drive to provide fit-for-purpose, high quality services.

  • Innovating for improvement - understand how technology and innovation can help to improve how we lead healthcare and deliver better outcomes for patients.

  • Managing for impact - how applying best practice approaches for leadership from healthcare and other industries can help you to lead more effectively.

  • The future leader - how we can use medical education to drive clinical performance and patient safety and the role of standards and professionalism to help inspire and develop great leadership.


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