Top tips

What is a poster display?

A poster at a conference is a great way to showcase your projects and help others learn from your strategies and experiences. Delegates will have the opportunity to browse posters throughout the conference, and poster presenters may get the opportunity to present their work to small groups by joining a presentation session.

Top tips for designing your poster

The aim is to tell a story that is clear and inspires others. It should communicate all the key points you want to get across without any additional explanation. Below are some top tips you may find useful:

  • Title: The title should make it instantly clear what the poster is about.

  • To refrain from using abbreviations or acronyms as the person viewing your poster may not know what these mean. Try to make it snappy and attention grabbing; you want your work to stand out among hundreds of other posters

  • Section headings: Use section headings to make key messages on your poster standout

  • Clear messaging: The person viewing your poster should be able to understand the key messages from it in 3 to 5 minutes and read the text in under 10 minutes. Viewers may not have the time or wish to read all your text. A succinct introduction and clearly outlined learning points will help other delegates to understand your main messages

  • Reducing the number of words in your poster. Try not to use long sentences and cut out words that do not add meaning to your sentences. Use phrases or bullet points

  • Pictures and diagrams to add visual interest to your poster. Infographics are also useful for displaying information at a glance. Remember to ensure your pictures are high enough quality to be printed at a large size

  • Include contact information: Adding your email address or Twitter handle gives people the option to get in touch if they want to know more about your work. You can also generate a QR code for your poster to link to further information or a publication.

  • Use of effective colour in your design can help to highlight key information and helps your poster to stand out

What makes a great poster?

  • Clear title explaining the whole project

  • Key learning points clearly outlined

  • Use of images/graphs and less text heavy

  • Includes contact details

Layout of your poster: Sizing and design requirements

We recommend you print your poster on A0 sized poster paper (841mm wide by 1189mm high). All posters must be portrait style.

Please make sure your poster matches the size we have specified below. This will allow sufficient room on your display board for any additional handouts you may like to add. If your poster does not meet these requirements onsite, then we may not be able to accommodate it for display.

Each poster will be assigned one poster board to which it will be affixed to. We will supply the fixtures to secure your poster to the display board.

The display board your poster will be attached to are white aluminium, 1 metre wide by 2.5 metres high.