Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 17:00
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Leading mindful change in an era of uncertainty

In the closing keynote of Leaders in Healthcare on Wednesday, 1 November, we will have the pleasure of hearing from Deborah Rowland, an author, executive, consultant, and speaker.

Deborah will address the challenges of leading mindful change in an era of uncertainty. She will concentrate on the role, skills and inner state of the leader plus the importance of understanding these in order to be a successful leader in any industry, including healthcare.

Deborah will share the key lessons from her book, Still Moving, and you can watch this short video to find out more about the key themes from the book that will be discussed:

This keynote session will be a fantastic way to end the conference and encourage every aspiring or already established leader in the keynote room to take the time to look inward and assess their capacity for greater mindfulness and systemic perceiving that lead to becoming a more effective leader and an agent of change.

Make sure to sign up to attend and join Deborah’s keynote session on Wednesday, 1 November, from 4:15pm.

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