Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 12:30
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Tribalism and leadership session added to pre-day programme

The pre-day training and skills programmes for Leaders in Healthcare 2017 have proved popular, as they have done in previous years, and we're delighted to add to the programme a new and exciting session called Tribalism and Leadership.

The session taps into our ancient, tribal mode of thinking to discuss the nature of tribalism in the modern healthcare system, and how an understanding of the different groups and motivations of people in various areas of the sector can help us to become better leaders. Ultimately, the session will ask the question: with an increased focus on system thinking, system leadership and system solutions, could we be in danger of creating an ever larger civilization where even more tribes emerge?

Clinical fellows from medical and clinical backgrounds will come together with management trainees from Finance, General Management, HR and Informatics, to explore:

  • The complementary elements and the conflictual elements of healthcare workforces.

  • The leadership challenges and potential solutions that will ensure a great culture exits in service of the nation’s good health.

There's still time to register, so don't miss this opportunity to learn from the likes of        Dave Thornton,    Alan Nobbs,    Jenny Ehrhardt,   Angela Thornton,    Nisa Khan,    Mac Mckeever,    Jan Stevens,     Marie Forshaw    and    Kate Langford   in this highly anticipated session.