Masterclass day and opening keynote

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This year's conference will feature a number of masterclasses delivered by highly

experienced professionals, each with the aim of improving your leadership skills

across a number of key areas by using tried and tested methods.


Masterclass day participants will attend a morning and an afternoon session of their choosing, with each being designed to maximise the personal growth of delegates in key areas relating to effective leadership.


The evening marks the opening session of Leaders in Healthcare 2018 (open to all delegates), with the first keynote delivered by National Chief Medical Officers from all four nations, to discuss the most topical issues affecting our healthcare services put forward by delegates.


M1: Enhancing leadership skills through action learning sets: exploring different models, up close and at a distance (09:00-12:30)

Participants will learn the theory behind Action Learning Sets (ALS) and be provided with the basic toolkit to establish a collaborative and supportive Learning Set in their own setting.

Sharon Anne McAuley, Senior Medical Officer (Consultant) in Paediatric Emergency, Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ); Quality and Safety Medical Advisor, Critical Care Division, CHQ; Australia

Lynne McKinlay, Senior Medical Educator; Cognitive Institute; Australia

Vicky Moriarty, Future Leaders Program Manager, RACGP; Australia

M2: Resilience and bad news: using coaching for clinicians working with challenging diagnoses (09:00-12:30)

The psychological toll on clinicians who deliver bad news around challenging diagnoses such as cancer, terminal diagnoses, neonatal and other chronic conditions is constant.

We will explore how to develop a co-coaching approach and culture with clinicians, creating more resilient individuals and teams

John Aspden, Executive Coach & Facilitator in Leadership Development, Cognitions

Ioanna Fragkandrea-Nixon, Scottish Sarcoma Network Clinical Lead & Consultant Clinical Oncologist & Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, Glasgow

M3/5: Patterns not problems - Working with intractable issues (09:00-12:30 and 13:30 - 17:00)

Leaders are increasingly familiar with the contradictions of planning and delivering predictable outcomes in situations which are in reality unpredictable and emergent.

The sources of inspiration for what each leader actually does are many and varied, but often leaders are also deploying an intuitive sense of ‘how the world really works’.

Human Systems Dynamics helps leaders articulate these intuitions by providing models and methods, based on a clear underpinning theory, designed for working with complex issues.

In particular, HSD’s emphasis on influencing patterns, rather than solving problems, speaks directly to the experiences of leaders faced with issues which are seemingly intractable.

In this session, you’ll gain an overview of HSD, and take away some models and methods you can use straight away.

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between problems and patterns and why it matters.

  • How to see patterns in an actionable way.

  • How to use the iterative method of Adaptive Action to shift patterns towards greater organisational / systemic health.

This will be a practical workshop, so bring with you a complex issue you can use as an example with which to ground the workshop content.

Griff Griffiths, Consulting Associate, Human Systems Dynamics Institute; UK

M4: Political astuteness: how to navigate the political landscape of organisations as leaders (13:30 - 17:00)

All leaders have to deal with politics in their organisation at various stages in their career. Complex organisations have a large range of values & beliefs, goals, challenges, and interests to contend with.

We will use a range of learning approaches using a 4-stage model to explore areas of power/interest, stakeholder mapping, influencing without authority and personal and interpersonal skills.

John Aspden, Executive Coach & Facilitator in Leadership Development, Cognitions

Alexis Hutson, Director, Coaching for Doctors

Keynote: 17.30-18.30

Keynote: National Chief Medical Officer Panel

Join our opening keynote for a lively panel discussion on the biggest challenges facing leadership in healthcare crowd-sourced by our audience. The panel will be made up of influential CMOs and Deputy CMOs from the four UK nations, including Catherine Calderwood, Chris Jones, Michael McBride and Jonathan Van Tam.

Chair: Peter Homa, Chair, NHS Leadership Academy

Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland

Chris Jones, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Welsh Government

Jonathan Van Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England

Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland