Brendan Lloyd

Medical Director
Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Brendan started his career as a GP in a teaching practice in Swansea in 1989, completing his MSc in Diabetes in 2003. His interest in diabetes and education was further developed through posts as Honorary Lecturer with Cardiff University School of Medicine and Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at Swansea School of Medicine. As a GP he served on the LMC, Welsh Medical Committee and chaired the District Medical Committee and Local Diabetes Service Advisory Group. From 2004-09 he was the Medical Director at Cardiff LHB and also served on the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group. He joined Powys Teaching Health Board in 2009 as Medical Director and worked in Powys for 5 years, before joining Welsh Ambulance in 2014. In 2007 he was awarded Fellowship of the British Association of Medical Managers. He currently represents Wales as the Regional Lead on the Council and Board of Trustees of FMLM and was awarded Founding Senior Fellowship in 2016. He currently lives in Cardiff and enjoys summer golf and winter ice hockey, supporting the Cardiff Devils.